Home Staging Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a home staging company when I have realtor?

Many people talk to their realtor who tells them that their home is perfectly fine to be placed on the market for sale and that it will sell without a problem, and I'm sure he's right. His job is all about making their property sell. However, for it to sell for a higher price and a receive higher offers due to the sheer presentation of the home, a home staging company is required. It is not the realtor's problem to make the house presentable. A home staging company makes homes look much better to be placed on market compared to a home which is simply put on market without being staged.

Does not my house look good enough?

This is the biggest and worst misconception that leads people in believing that their home looks presentable enough as they were comfortable living in it. I wish that was the case, but in reality, a non-staged house isn't even in the same ball game as a house that has been staged in the same area. When the staged home sells quicker and you're left wondering what to do, you start thinking about dropping the asking price and losing money from what you originally wanted.