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7 Unbelievable Ways to Upgrade Your Home without Going for Extensive Renovations

There are numerous people who either lack the experience to renovate their home by themselves, or they don’t have enough time to spare for such a tiresome activity. Therefore, these folks are left with no other choice but to hire the professionals. No doubt, you can achieve desired results when interior designers do the renovation, but it is surely a costly affair.

Moreover, major renovation means a lot of mess, which is created during the upgrade process. So, the question arises as to whether it is possible to update the interior of your home without major renovations. The answer is big YES! In fact, we all have cravings to redesign or upgrade the interior of our home. So, what we need is a little creativity and some handy tips to achieve our goal in a DIY style.

With a view to assist you while taking charge of the updating project of your own home, 7 highly recommended ways to do it right have been discussed below.

Clean and Paint the Interior

The first and foremost step towards updating a home is to clean-up all the mess, especially around the corners and windows. By doing so, your home will instantly look more appealing and liveable.

The second step involves the application of a clean coat of paint. This will remove all the dullness prevailing in your home. Paint the trim work with light color and use slightly darker color on an accent wall for adding the ‘WOW’ factor. For the ceiling, you can go for a cool blue color. In addition, you can bring your outdated furniture to life by giving it a clear coat of new paint.

Make sure to Arrange Proper Lighting for each Room

When lighted properly, the room will speak itself. You will find it more welcoming and warm. In other words, your room will come back to life. Whereas, the poorly lit room appears to be small and cramped.

You can brighten up your home through various methods, which are simple and least expensive. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Place tall floor lamps where darkness is prevailing, especially in the corners
  • Use small lamps on each side of the bed
  • Repaint the ceiling with white color, as it reflects the major portion of the light
  • Use lights with latest luminous technology for brighter interior
  • Remove dark colored curtains and shades, as they absorb most of the light coming into the room

Creating an Open Space

Creating an open space in your home is a brilliant idea, which makes it more engaging for the residents as well as the visitors. However, one may ask that how an open space can be created without removing the walls. In fact, it is possible to make your home look more spacious and open without making major structural changes. It is easier than you think and by doing some simple changes, you can create a perfect space for all to sit, eat and enjoy the family life.

For this purpose, you need to keep in mind these easy to follow tips.

  • Get rid of bulkier and bigger furniture or rearrange it to see in which layout your home looks more spacious
  • If removal of furniture is not viable, paint the room with off-white color
  • Using mirrors against the windows is another trick to give a spacious look to the room
  • If your dining room is used occasionally, try to convert it into a cozy den for all family members

Upgrade Door Handles and Drawer Pulls

Updating the cabinet pulls or door handles is the easiest task, which requires no technical assistance. You can choose from a wide range of designs and finishes. Just look for those handles, which look amazing with the interior and are comfortable too.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

It is normal for bathrooms to get dirty after a few days. So, the major part of an overhaul is linked to the cleaning process. It may not seem fun to clean a bathroom, but in order to get shiny results, you need to take this pledge.

After the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned, look for any outdated faucets, shower curtains, knobs and light fixtures. By simply changing a few things, you can give a modern and refined look to the bathroom.

Window Treatments

Leaving the windows unattended means that you have missed a major chance to decorate your home. So, keep this fact in mind while upgrading your home’s interior. You can use bold and geometric patterns for the curtains. The color scheme should complement or match the interior for a synchronized layout. You may also go for the trendy shades, screens, and wooden blindfolds.

Use Catchy Wallpapers

With the availability of new and attractive wallpapers, it is quite easy to give a spectacular look to your home. You can choose from different graphics and patterns depending on the requirement of a space. Moreover, it is quite easy to install and remove these wallpapers, which suggests that this option will not drain your funds.