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9 Questions that you should ask to a Professional Home Stager Prior to Finalizing your Deal

Staging your home for a sell requires due care and attention, as this may prove a decisive factor while getting best deal for your home. For this purpose, you need to indulge yourself into collecting some reliable data regarding professional home stagers, providing services in your area.

Usually, People get some references through either their friends or real an estate agent; however, it would be much better to find a home stager by yourself. Since receiving information from others can be tricky and confusing at times. So why don’t you go on your own and handle things on your own.

The most recommended option in this regard is to put some questions in front of a home stager and analyze whether they have the abilities to live up to your expectations. In order to assist you, we have compiled a list of 7 relevant questions that you should ask to a couple of home stagers before engaging one of them.

How much Experience you have as a Home Stager?

Experience does matter, especially, when hiring a home stager. This is so, as a company grows with the passage of time in terms of its approach, techniques, and the ability to handle challenging tasks. So asking this particular question would allow you to evaluate whether the home stager you are dealing with is a professional or a newbie.

Although a seasoned home stager is always preferred, there is no harm in short-listing a newbie by taking into consideration their honesty and determination. On the contrary, if you are still willing to go for an experienced stager, make sure they have already done a project, similar to one that you are going to offer.

Do you have a Portfolio?

It has been rightly said that work speaks for itself and this phrase fits perfectly when it comes to engaging a professional stager.  So take a look at the portfolio of a home stager that you are considering to hire. With a view to getting an idea that the pictures they are showing belong to their previous projects, ask them what changes they have made and for what reasons. If the pictures in the portfolio are of their own work, you will get a satisfying and comprehensive answer.

How much do you Cost?

This question can make your decisions much easier as if a home stager is way out of your budget, it doesn’t matter how experienced or renowned he/she is. Moreover, ask them about the fee structures, as to whether they charge per room or work on an hourly basis. Don’t fall prey for a cheap stager, as the unimpressive staging of your home would cost you a lot in the end in terms of lowering the value of your property.

In addition, don’t hesitate to inquire about any hidden charges whatsoever. These additional charges could drastically increase the overall staging budget. Make it clear that what they are charging is a lump sum amount and there will be no additional bills like rent or travel cost of furniture and props.

What Preparations do they Expect from a Client?

If a stager is going to charge you per hour, it would be appropriate to prepare your house before the service provider takes the charge. Believe me, doing this task on your own can save you a lot. Just ask the stager, as to what type of things should be removed from the rooms. Normally, you need to box up small and old things that won’t fit with the upgraded setup.

Is it Necessary for the Client to be at the Site when Staging in Progress

There is a mixed approach when it comes to the presence of the homeowner at the site. Nevertheless, it is your home and you should be present on the site whenever you have spare time. On the contrary, if you rely on the abilities and expertise of your service provider, there is no need for hanging around unnecessarily.

How Much Time My Project would Take?

Honestly, this question can be better answered after a detailed inspection of your house and discussing what you want from the stager. Yet, it would not be difficult for a pro stager to give you an estimated time. So, it would give you an idea of how expert the stager is and what sort of plans are there in his/her mind. If your home is larger than normal, make sure to prepare it before work starts on the site. This would help you to save precious time and money for other good reasons.

Do you have an Insurance Cover?

Staging your home for a sale means that a lot of stuff is going to be shuffled or removed. If you have hired a stager, which doesn’t offer insurance cover, it might prove detrimental to your belongings. Therefore, make sure to hire someone with proper insurance cover if you want to secure your valuables.