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Latest Window Treatment Recommendations: Add Style to Your Home without Compromising your Privacy

Irrespective of the fact that how perfect your home styling is, the first thing that a visitor notices, are the windows. Hence, windows are known for creating such an ambiance, which surely enhances any layout. However, this depends on the way you have treated your windows.

The windows serve as a connection to the outside landscape of your home. If you are living in an isolated or wooded area, it would be better to leave them uncovered that gives a modern and sleek look. However, for those who live in an urban area with streets, neighborhood, and sidewalks, window treatment would be a perfect solution to add style and maintain privacy.

If you have no interest in curtains or blinds, there are numerous options available to satisfy your modern taste. Discussed below are a few modern and innovative window treatment ideas to suit your styling needs.

Shades and Screens

With the introduction of latest UV filter fabrics, window shades are once again gaining popularity. There are certain mechanical shades that are raised and lower with just a touch. You can use a pattern that matches your home decor or hang decorative elements to give these shades a unique appearance.

The cellular (honeycomb) shades are the best if you want to insulate your home or make it energy efficient. You can choose from a wide range of colors and design combinations. Moreover, the cordless operation makes them ideal for those having kids or pets.

Apart from this, you can give a bold structural statement to your place by introducing Laser-cut metal screens. If you love fresh air coming into your room, go for the retractable screens to ensure proper circulation when outdoor weather is relatively more pleasant.


Besides, being functional and elegant, the shutters are dynamic too. They add value to any place with less effort and at minimum expense. This type of window treatment not only looks modern but also offers privacy, insulation, soundproofing and light management. Adjustable louvers can be customized to complement the interior.


When the right size and shape of an artwork is introduced to any place, it immediately casts a serene impact. You can hang your favorite painting at the window to add a creative touch to your room. Moreover, you may use posters or maps as shades to render an innovative look to your room.  


Plants have always served as a natural way to treat your windows. Especially dense and tall varieties when placed beside the window, add life to the place. Since the inside air is filtered and purified by the plants, there is no need to keep the windows open.

In addition to the interiors, using plants to beautify your windows is a viable option. You can fill the pots with flowering plants for adding color and vibrancy to the curb appeal. Planting a herb garden outside the kitchen window would serve as an inventory for fresh herbs and spices.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are normally seen in libraries or dens; however, they also look awesome in any home. These blinds are simple yet attractive. You can paint the wood slats to complement your room’s interior. Their easy to operate feature renders them as hassle-free and classic window treatment.

You can try various decorative styles and finishes including bamboo, light pine, and richly stained wooden slats. The slat sizes can be customized with reference to the degree of light control and privacy you may need.

Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains are considered as the most influencing and decorative window treatments. Drapes give a personalized feel to space by transforming it with lush velvet or breezy sheers. Apart from being decorative, they play a vital role as a light/dust filter and thermal insulator.

When hung higher and draped close to the edges of a window, drapes make the room look more spacious. Drapes and wood blinds make a winning combination, especially when complemented with the interior. Hence, drapes are always preferred for a perfect window treatment.

Try Some of the most Amazing Window Finishes

We have seen charming stained glass in older homes, which add a sense of serenity to the place. However, these glasses have the tendency to give a same majestic feel to various modern constructions. You can choose from traditional colored styles or transparent leaded glass, depending on your desire.

Decorative adhesive films are one of the best treatments that your window can avail. The possibilities and options are simply endless, including colored graphics, glow-in-the-dark styles, and stained glass look. Since these adhesive films are easy to remove, changing them often would not be a trouble at all.

Frosted glass works perfectly to maintain privacy without creating any hindrance regarding outside view. You can achieve this look by covering it with semi-transparent contact paper, etching the glass, or spraying paint. 

These window treatments are highly recommended for those who are sensitive to light, dust, mites and pet hair. This is so, as even after applying these treatments, you can easily clean window pans and edges.