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If Preparing your Home Like a Stylist is what you are Striving for! Here are Some of the Tips to Make it Possible

When it comes to styling a home, most of us have a feeling that there is something missing. Especially when we look at the work done by interior designers, our home seems to be far from acceptable. This is so, as most of the images that we see in magazines are the proof of professional approach followed by the stylists or interior designers. These professionals have years of experience of careful interpretation of details and implementation of their styling techniques.

Home styling is a diverse field, which includes the knowledge of colors, patterns, and accessories. These are the factors, which are carefully taken into consideration by a seasoned stylist while giving a stylish look to our homes. They pay attention to the slightest details, which makes their work to stand out from the rest. Stylist creates a perfect moment that goes in line with your personality and lifestyle.

However, this doesn’t suggest that it would be practically impossible for you to prepare your home as a stylist does. You can give your home a modern and attractive appearance by keeping in mind some basic principles. Discussed below are some of the most recommended tips, which may help you to achieve the goal of giving a professional makeover to your home.

Clean it Thoroughly

The first and most essential thing to consider while styling any space is to clean it properly. This is so, as no matter how perfectly you have decorated your home, it will have no impact at all if it looks messy and untidy. So, make sure to de-clutter the space and remove all the unwanted stuff, which is laying on shelves or countertops. Don’t forget to put all your belongings in their respective containers.

If the drawers are overcrowded with items, shift some of the extra stuff to another space. Just act like a professional stylist and pay heed to each and every detail. Hide the power cords of various appliances and, line up all your books in a required order. The rugs should be placed in their right place and make sure to clean them every now and then. By doing so, the place will immediately look neat and clean, giving you enough room to plan for the styling.

In addition, look for the spots that haven’t been touched for years. Especially, the area under your bed counts a lot. Usually, we don’t pay much attention to clean this part, which results in an unpleasant feel prevailing in the bedroom. Moreover, you should prefer to use wrinkle-free sheets with soothing colors and designs.

While making the bed, tuck in the sheet corners under the mattress and place all the pillows in one direction. Pillows serve as an integral part of your bedroom; hence require special attention. Therefore, prior to leaving your room in the morning, fluff your pillows properly to maintain their perfect shape and comfort. Fold the blanket and put it at the foot of your bed. If a closet or a shelf is available, it would be appropriate to put your blanket in it. Try to follow these steps regularly by making them as a part of your morning routine.

Accessorize Diligently

Once you have done it with the cleaning process, it’s time to put your ideas into life. For this purpose, you need to introduce a balanced number of accessories, which will give a complete look to your room. You can throw a couple of pillows or cushions at the sofa. While choosing the color and design, make sure to follow the overall theme of the space. In addition, matching patterns and textures will give a lively feel to the room. Placing books at the side table is a widely used designer trick.

One of the key elements while accessorizing your room is to keep it simple yet elegant. There should be no such item that looks alien to the place and you must try to avoid the overburdening of such accessorize. You can use a combination of new and old decor items, as it will ensure a true mixture of taste and textures. Using glass items is always a good idea, since they add more glory and shine to the space.

While introducing a combination of textures, styles, and colors, you can also add some unusual items. It may sound weird, but this may turn out to be an opportunity to showcase your signature styling. Vessels and vases filled with fresh flowers are always preferred. Aside from being inexpensive, they have a tendency to bring movement and life to any space. Similarly, you can add indoor plants for a refreshing and natural feel. In fact, the combination of natural and industrial products does look amazing.

Analyze What you have Done

After you have finished styling your place, just take a look for any loose spots and irregularities. Pay attention to every detail and see each change made so far with a critical approach. Look for any dull areas, which have been ignored. Make sure the room is properly illuminated with enough light, especially in the dark corners and specific places such as a reading area. Try to evaluate whether your room looks empty or cluttered. This will give you a clue as to what type of things can be done to improve the styling of your space.

In short, the home in which you live is your space. Therefore, what appeals to you, is surely the right styling approach. However, by knowing the mindset of a stylist, it would be much easier for you to create more personal and lively styling for your home.