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If You Find it Challenging to stage an Empty House, here are the 7 Inexpensive Ways to Do it the Right Way

It has been observed that staged homes are sold faster, as buyers find it difficult to indulge in the impersonal and cold feel associated with an empty house. Moreover, it would not be possible for them to gauge the actual scale of a room when empty. But to fill these empty spaces and add warmth to them, you might need to pour in some extra cash.

In this context, staging an empty house sounds like a big deal, yet it can be advantageous for you to stage a home, which is not furnished. For instance, you need no to worry about moving things in and out of the house. If you want to stage an empty house but with a tight budget, given below are the 7 inexpensive tips, which would prove handy for you.

Curb Appeal Matters a Lot

Normally, prospective buyers are less inclined towards properties lacking a curb appeal. Maintaining your home in a tiptop condition from inside as well as outside is not always a costly affair. There are numerous ways to give your home an attractive appearance without spending much.

When talking about the exterior in specific, you should bear in mind a couple of things that would definitely make a difference. For instance, remove all the junk and thoroughly clean the driveway, cut the grass and trim old trees. Apart from this, you can paint the door and window panels with a trendy color that suits the exterior.

Give your Bathrooms a Luxurious Touch

The words luxury and expensive come hand in hand but this is not the case when you have some innovative ideas to implement. You can add a feel of luxury to your bathrooms by simply making some inexpensive changes.

First of all, clean your bathrooms in a proper way. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, don’t hesitate to hire cleaning services, as most of them doesn’t cost much. Replace towels, small accessories, shower, taps, and mirror to add some details to the space.

Give an Inviting Feel to the kitchen

Just like bathrooms, your kitchen should be cleaned properly. For decorative elements, you can use glass jars filled with beans and dry foods. You may also use a bowl of fresh fruit to add the element of hospitality to it. Most importantly, don’t forget to get your kitchen treated with insecticides, as newcomers won’t like to share their dinner with cockroaches and stuff like that.

Add some Sort of Artwork

With a view to attract prospective buyers and give them an actual picture of how the home looks, you are required to stage it properly with accessories, furniture, and all other stuff to add warmth to the place.

One of the easiest methods of doing it relates to your taste for an artwork. You can bring a lively feel to an uninhabited home by introducing some artwork. By adding a few attractive pieces of art on different walls of a home can have a huge impact on the buyer.

Let the Built-ins Being Noticed

If there is a built-in, it would serve the purpose to enhance buyer’s interest. What you have to do is to add flaring element to it. For example, you can use the shelve over your fireplace for putting some hard to resist decor items. This would not only look amazing but also draw the attention of a prospective buyer.

Use Rented Furniture

There is no need to invest heavily in buying furniture when you are going to stage your home. You can simply use rented furniture to fill your house and give it a stunning look that invites buyers as if it is their dream home.

Prior to ordering furniture, do some homework as to what room would look outstanding when staged as a bedroom or living room. This will also assist the buyer to analyze whether his/her own furniture will fit into this house or not.

However, you should keep in mind that all the rented accessories and furniture should be in immaculate condition besides being stylish or trendy.

Don’t Forget the Paint Job

There is no doubt that repainting a house improves its looks and makes it younger. So, a fresh coat of paint is always on the list when you are staging a house. Nevertheless, when talking about painting a vacant house, you should be careful with color selection. You can use beiges, grays, as neutrals. For a stronger impression, it would be appropriate to introduce accent walls.

It is advised to complete the paint job before adding furniture and accessories, as you would find it easy to choose the furniture depending on the color and texture of your home’s interior. For woodwork like doors, cabinets, floors or trim, a thin coat of varnish can do the magic. After the paint job is done, clean the window glasses and floor for removing paint droppings or debris from each room in the house.