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Want to Sell Your Home for Top dollar! Give Your Home a Dazzling Makeover before Selling It

Selling a house is not a joke. Those who have undergone this tedious phase can understand what this phrase suggests. Selling a home for desired price tag involves thorough planning and intensive preparation. This doesn’t suggest that you have to spend a lot, rather you can give a splendid look to your home by just taking into account some essential aspects.

With a view to assist you in preparing your home for sale, we have compiled some handy tips that can make a huge difference.

Prepare Your Home with a Buyer’s Perspective

Your home definitely means a lot to you and your family. However, when you have decided to sell it, there is someone else, whose preferences should be given due importance. Yes! You guess it right; we are talking about the prospective buyer. Your house shouldn’t look the way you like it. So, you have to change it a little bit in order to be more attractive for the buyers. However, you should be precise while making such changes, as there is no need to go extra mile while revamping your home.

Apart from this, you need to be accommodating when showing your home. Let the buyer visit each and every corner of the house without any limitations. For this purpose, schedule the visit only during a time when there are one or two people in the house. Besides, make sure that sanitary fittings are in perfect condition and there are no leaks in the bathroom or kitchen. Replace old taps, mirrors, and showers with new ones. This will give a shining new look to your bathroom.

When you are expecting a visit, make sure that your home is in a nice and tidy condition. Give it a thorough clean up not sparing even a single inch of your home. It has been observed that buyers are more interested in the functionality of a home and they look for a place, which is easy to customize according to their own preferences. Therefore, stage your home in a way that it looks spacious and presentable.

De-clutter Excessive Articles

Usually, we don’t pay much attention to the number of things stuffed into our rooms. Each room is meant to be used for a specific purpose and must contain only those accessories that are suitable for that particular space. In some cases, you might have turned your bedroom into a living room, which looks simply awful.

You must keep in mind that you are selling your home, not the stuff. So, it would be better to just present your house. For this purpose, de-clutter any of the extra stuff including furniture, tables, bookracks etc. By doing this, you not only showcase your home in a suitable manner but this approach will also work as a pre-moving strategy.

Paint the Exterior as well as Interior of Your Home

A recently painted home definitely bears a clean and refreshing appearance. It helps to camouflage the impacts of wear and tear that the walls of your home are bearing for years. Hence, repainting is a perfect way to rejuvenate the lost grandeur of your home. It is essential to stick to the lighter tones and avoid using bolder colors. For the exterior, use trendy new colors to give a perfect and refreshing look to your home.

Moreover, buyers have a keen eye over the repair jobs that they may have to do after buying a property. So, try to remove any of the imperfections that are visible to naked eye. Use different shades for the trim work or borders. This will make them prominent and enhance the overall appearance of the rooms. When painting, keep in mind various window treatments for the main rooms. There is no need to buy expensive stuff, you can use cheap curtains, curtain rods or window blinds.

Don’t Forget about the Curb Appeal

The appearance of your home is of great importance and it involves both inside and outside presentation. If the inside of a home looks gorgeous but outside is far away from acceptance, you are in a serious trouble. To enhance the curb appeal, you need to do some landscaping. Remove all the junk and trim bushes or trees for a welcoming first impression. Therefore, be prepared to fix all those issues, which might look small but have big implications in the end. If possible, hire some professionals to do this job.

You need to spend some money and time to give a stunning look to your home from outside. It seems weird but prospective buyers take into account even the smallest flaws in order to lower the overall price of a property. This is the reason why the exterior and curb appeal of your home need so much attention. It can be better explained by a phrase that people do judge a book by its cover. This theory also implies when we offer our home for sale. Hence, make all efforts to make your house look nice and leave no weaknesses that a buyer may judge.