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All Set to Sell Your Home but Still Wondering How to Deal with the Messy Neighbors

You have done almost everything to turn your home into presentable property for the buyers but the junk of your messy neighbors is telling another story. This situation is surely a nightmare for the homeowners who want to sell their home at a higher price.

You might have the same feeling if the yard next door is nothing but a heap of junk and it drastically undermines the serenity of your home’s landscape. Apparently, it seems that there is no viable solution to this menace. However, this is not the case, as even in this scenario you have plenty of options.

You need to follow a realistic approach while handling this problem. There are numerous things that you can do to change the behavior of a person living next door. In addition, you can try some other alternatives as well. Discussed below are some of the most advised tips that you should follow when dealing with a messy neighbor.

Just Talk to Your Neighbor

Talking to your neighbor about the issues that you are facing is inevitable. However, persuading them to get rid of the mess may turn out to be the hardest thing. You should remain calm and handle this matter delicately. You need to give them a reason as to why they should clean up all the mess. Tell them how all this junk is affecting the value of their own property. Don’t try to push them or pass insulting remarks about their home. Just tell them that you have no reservations regarding the whole mess, but it would be much easier to sell your home when their yard looks a bit tidy. This strategy sounds haunting, yet you should always consider it as the first step to resolve the issue. If nothing appears to be going your way, give your neighbors a clear message that if they don’t cooperate, you have no other option but to approach the relevant authorities.

Offer them a Helping Hand

If unfortunately, your neighbors are not inclined towards cleaning up the mess, it would be appropriate to offer your assistance. It might be possible that an old woman is living there who is unable to maintain her place. If this is the case, she would definitely accept the offer. Usually, people welcome the opportunity to get their home restored to an immaculate condition without any cost.

But before making an offer, keep this fact in mind that cleaning the messy yard of your neighbor may not be an easy task. Therefore, it would be wise to make a short survey of what you can actually do. If there is a rusty old car resting next door, you can offer your neighbor a rented place or garage to park their piece of junk. This may cost you a bit but can serve as a turning point for selling your house at a good price. For rented premises, make sure to inform the landlord regarding the gravity of a situation. If nothing works, talk to the local authorities.

Make Use of Your Creativity

If your generous offer to clean up the untidy yard is refused, the best option you have is to introduce some changes. For example, you may repaint the shared fence or build a higher fence to camouflage the mess. You can also use some shades to block the unpleasant view. Apart from this, you can trim the branches of neighbor’s tree that are trespassing into your yard. All you need is to improvise and make some pleasant changes by implementing your creative ideas.

When the House is Unoccupied

Abandoned homes often pose a deserted look, as the owner is not interested in the regular maintenance of his property. If the house next to you is not occupied, you should try to find the owner. You can easily get the ownership information by sharing your problem with the city council or local authorities.

After getting the contact number of an owner, talk about the plight of his/her property. If the responsibility to maintain such a home lies on the bank, don’t spare a moment to inform the concerned officer. In case, they show reluctance while cleaning up the mess, you have no other choice but to contact the city authorities.

Taking Assistance from the Authorities

Talking to the authorities might be helpful while getting rid of your neighbors’ junk. However, consider it to be your last resort, as it will create a never-ending cold war between you and your neighbor. You can recourse to this option if the mess created by your neighbor is posing a serious health hazard.

There are certain municipality laws that make it obligatory for the homeowners or residents to keep their place clean. By notifying the city officials, you can resolve this matter within few weeks. If you want to sell your home at a great price, don’t act in a rush, as issues like this may take some time to be completely diffused.