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7 Bedroom Design Mistakes that are Immediately Noticed by an Interior Designer

The moment we enter a hotel room, we immediately get a nice feeling. Everything looks smooth and ideally proportioned. The artwork is engaging but not overshadowing other elements of the room. A perfect combination of soft and clear lighting elaborates the attractiveness and functionality of the furniture. In addition, the rug seems to be softer when walking over it with bare feet.

Now let’s come back to our own room, which portrays an altogether different picture. It may display some of the most noticeable decorating mistakes, which are easily pointed out by a professional interior designer. It includes improper lighting, cluttered surroundings, using loud colors and similar other errors, which cast drastic effect over the appearance and feel of a bedroom.

Mentioned below are some of the most common interior designing mistakes, which can lead to an unpleasant and boring appearance of a bedroom. If you are planning to redesign the interior of your bedroom, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

Opting for Loud Colors

This is considered the biggest mistake, which is repeatedly noticed in most of the bedrooms. So, avoid opting for bright and bold colors like, red, orange or yellow. These types of colors are suitable only for space, which can perfectly soak the warmth coming out. For instance, dining areas, kitchens or sitting area can be a perfect place to try bold colors.

As far as the bedroom is concerned, never settle down for colors other than those, which are natural, calm and soothing. Moreover, it would be more appropriate to use light neutrals along with a subtle variation in the texture. It would make your bedroom more inviting as well as appealing.

Apart from this, color psychology does have its implications and keeping this factor in mind can give a softer and relaxing feel to your bedroom. For this purpose, you can go for blue hues. This color facilitates a restful sleep at night, which is scientifically proven. The bedroom is the only place, which is meant to be a relaxing area where you can sleep and re-energize our body and mind. So, it should be as soothing and comfortable as it could be. The blue color is known for promoting peacefulness; however, if blue is not under consideration, you can go for neutrals or earth tones for this purpose.

Not Maintaining the Balance

Maintaining a perfect balance is what interior designing is all about. If you have failed to comply with this rule, the results would be devastating. It will make your bedroom feel overloaded with unwanted or wrongly positioned elements. The bed is the most prominent factor in your bedroom, so it should not be overshadowed by stuffing other things that really don’t make a sense.

You can avoid this mistake by maintaining a proper balance. Spread the things out if the space permits and in case you can’t do it, simply remove the excessive furniture. For a larger bedroom, you can create a separate area for seating purpose.

Compromising the Privacy

Another mistake you should be aware of is compromising your privacy over design. Although most of us love to see the rising sun from our bedroom, leaving the windows uncovered may lead to a lack of privacy. You can overcome this issue by adding a few window treatments. There is a wide range of attractive designs that work perfectly with the bedroom privacy and enhance its overall appearance.

Excessive Use of Accessories

Making your bedroom a utilitarian space is not a good idea. This factor has been vehemently ignored when designing the most essential part of our home. It should be an ideal place, where you can rest and get a good night sleep. In order to make your bedroom more soothing and peaceful, you should consider eliminating all the unnecessary elements.

If you like to keep the furniture, make sure it is appropriate in terms of size and comfort. By creating an adequate storage place in the bedroom, you can minimize the clutter. This would allow you to give a more organized look to a bedroom by keeping those things out of sight that are used occasionally.

Loading Your Bed with Pillows

One of the rubbish mistakes that we commit while designing our bedroom is making huge piles of pillows. The most ideal and preferred combination is to use a maximum of four regular pillows. You can use different colors or textures for each pair to enhance the lively appearance of the bedroom. If you love decorative pillows, make sure their number doesn’t exceed than two. Moreover, relying on the quality and not the quantity when incorporating these into your bedroom.

Lacks the Element Of Comfort

You may have the desire to make your bedroom just like those that we see on the magazine covers. However, the design is not everything, as it is the comfort that should be given more weight when designing your bedroom. It should have a feel of aesthetics, yet there is no need for compromising the comfort over design. This is so, as this place is the only part of your home where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility.

This doesn’t suggest that by placing comfort over design priorities, there is nothing left for you to obtain a stylish look for your bedroom. On the contrary, you can make as much designing changes as you can without hampering the comfort and privacy.

Inappropriate Lighting

It is highly recommended by almost all interior designers to incorporate ideal bedroom lighting. This gives a soothing feeling when you enter the room. The intensity and color of bedroom lighting are essential, as it can change your mood and overall looks of the room. So, make sure to give your bedroom a proper lighting effect, which is neither dull nor too bright.