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We maintain strict guidelines in order to provide our community with unique content from inspirational people in the home staging and interior design field. Their valuable insight helps our readers by providing them with tips, tricks and ideas to improve their home’s design, layout and functionality.

Guest Posting Guidelines

We look over each post for to ensure it meets all of our guidelines, which are:

  1. All content must be unique.
  2. The post is a minimum of 400 words. There is no maximum. The content should be valuable and contain no fluff.
  3. Any source you reference must be cited. We recommend linking to as many valuable sources as possible.
  4. All content must be submitted for review with headings, links, bold, italics, lists, etc. in the content, ready to post.
  5. You are not able to have more than three (3) links to a website you run in the content.
  6. All posts must be related to the home staging and interior design field. Ask for topic approval if you’re unsure.
  7. All posts must be spell-checked, grammar-checked (Grammarly is a good tool), and ran through the Hemingway app and have a reading level of 9th and below.

Once accepted, we will create a user for you to add your content. Before we publish your post, you must have a biography, avatar photo. Your bio may contain up to three links, not including your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn handles. We reserve the right to deny any posts for any reason at our sole discretion.

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