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How Do You Style An Older Home For Sale?

You have an old house and you’re planning on putting it up for sale but you’re sceptical if it will sell, given the poor condition it’s currently in. How do you style an older home? You know you may need to clean-up, rearrange and style your home to command the best price. You want to make the most out of what’s existing in the place but you’re at a loss as to where to begin.

Well, the goal in styling an older home is to make your old home clean, organized and welcoming so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. See how these quick-fix options for selling old houses can make a world of difference in your sale:



First tip in styling an older home is to head outside and look at your house from a stranger’s perspective. What is your first impression?  Do you think your house looks “appealing” and welcoming enough from potential buyers who might be eyeing it from the “curb”? This sets your house’s curb appeal. Fix your broken porch, trim the wild bushes, re-paint the neglected front doors or add new sconces on the entryway for that warm, welcoming vibe.  Remember that first impressions last and in the world of ruthless bidding wars, this can cost you a big chunk of the price if you take it for granted.


Buyers love a little history! Research on the background of the house and you can even make a little booklet that details this. Adding a little history to the mix gives the house a charming “personality” which may be its edge over the other houses on the same street.


If you have toys piled behind the sofa or books and knick knacks around your tables, your space will look and feel chaotic and overcrowded. Store away the old picture frames and other personal items. These will make the potential buyers feel like they’re intruding or invading your space. The goal is to sell them a comfortable and inviting house they would love to come home to. A clean home is a “happy” home and showing them a clean and organized house does wonders for their psyche!


When styling an older home, kitchens, along with bathrooms, make or break house sales. If your current kitchen and bathrooms come with the old fixtures and cabinetry, these may turn off the guests immediately. Most of the potential buyers imagine themselves whipping up a feast in the kitchen or relaxing in the bathroom after a long day. If these rooms aren’t appealing enough to encourage their imagination, they may cost you the sale of the house entirely! So, scratch the old cabinets and install new appliances. Fix the plumbing problems and invest in stylish hardware. Trust us, these minor fixes will only cost you a chunk of change compared to the value you’ll be adding to your property once you style your older home. I mean, who doesn’t love a fully decked-out kitchen?


Sometimes, when the house stands for decades, it gets all sorts of odors of mildew and age. Make sure that each room of the house smells and looks clean. Scrub the floors and clean the pipes! Invest in a scented air humidifier or simply spray some of your favorite scents in the room. You may even leave freshly baked cookies or freshly brewed coffee for the guests so that the house smells of those mouth-watering scents, welcoming them in and setting them in the mood as they go about exploring the rest of the property.


When styling an older home, remember that older houses usually have a structure or feature which were typical in its time. These features are what set your place apart from the houses we commonly see today. Do you have the classic arched windows or the cozy exposed beams?  Emphasize these details! These will make your older home seem more charming and attractive to potential buyers. If these structures need a little repair work, invest on it. These should be in the best condition, well preserved and properly highlighted in the room. They may seem like tiny details that do not matter but when styling an older home, these very structures are worth the extra bucks on your asking price.

Remember not to fall into the trap of overspending during renovations.  If your house is pretty old or has historical relevance, you can seek the professional assistance of historic house agents to help you sell the house. They can compute for the local tax and restoration incentives to offer your buyers. And remember, before the actual open house day, pre-inspect the place. Pretend like you’re a buyer and walk through your house, looking for issues these possible buyers might see and deal with these issues beforehand. Otherwise, be prepared to lower the asking price upon their request.

Indeed, styling an older home may seem trickier than styling any other house but whether old or new, with the steps presented on this page, proper presentation will win you bidding wars any time.