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How home staging can appeal to millennial home buyers

As a millennial myself, I personally find living in the suburbs a lot more appealing than in the city. If ever I already have the money and the job to support my ‘strong, independent, lifestyle’, I will really opt for a place outside the city.This may be because the city is where I work and the city-life kinda intoxicates me.


Millennials, like me, tend to care about mental and emotional health;  wanting to go to places where they can relax, have a staycation, wander in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, and take instagrammable pictures, all the time.


We basically want comfort and a thing for aesthetics; which are more achievable of course with the help of the internet.


So why should we consider millennials, especially when selling a property?


Because even if the oldest man belonging to the millennial age range is not even in his 40’s yet, millennials are considered as the largest age group of homebuyers. According to National Association of Realtors, “At 34 percent, buyers [who are] 36 years and younger continue to be the largest generational group of home buyers with a median of 31 years old.” [1]


This means that in the next coming years, the percentage of millennial consumers will continue to increase. The challenge now for sellers is to make their home appealing to these type of consumers.


The exact millennial taste is actually difficult to grasp. Some prefer to see a mix of something vintage and technology, some prefer the plain modernist, minimalist view, and some don’t mind the design at all, they just want the place to be low-maintenance as possible.


In order to create the right amount of appeal that would cater to all millennials, your home should undergo home staging.


Here are some ways home staging can increase your property’s appeal to millennial consumers:



  • Millennials have weak spots for wide spaces


This can be a problem if your place is a little small, but don’t worry, because home stagers can make it look bigger by decluttering some of your furniture. The color of the walls works wonders too. Most millennials want wide spaces to give them the freedom to be creative in that space.

For example, one of my favorite beauty vloggers, Tina Yong, has recently moved to a new country, which means she got a new place. In her apartment tour, she showed how wide their living room is and how little the rooms are. The rooms and closets, she admits are smaller than what they used to have, but they really don’t mind keeping things minimal for a change. She really loves the big white curtain in the living room and the marble floors. You can watch her vlog here [2], and see for yourself.


  • Millennials want a ‘Rustic-tech chic’ home design


Michele Lerner from Washington Post has listed some of the things that millennials want. Apparently, updated home appliances, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, are trendy. This is can’t be a problem because part of the home staging process is replacing old appliances and old furniture with new ones. Home stagers can lend or rent stuff to make your place ‘techie’ and modern in a rustic style space. This should be a well-played combination of the modern trend and the old ones.


  • We want neat, clean, and organized space


I speak for so many millennials out there who want their house to look pretty neat and organized, especially in photos. Take note that most millennial buyers look for a house on the internet, and if they see that your property does not look good in pictures, you can’t expect them to see the house in person.


Overall, a cozy, well-lit, airy, neat and organized, minimalist, and modernized space is what most millennials look for. Home stagers can play with the elements present in your house to highlight places that can potentially attract buyers.