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How much does home staging cost?

Much like the length of home staging, the cost may vary depending on the size, layout, a number of rooms, extent of staging, etc. There are several factors that can affect the cost of home staging. However, home staging promises sellers of getting more than what you sell. This is the reason why home staging and hiring a professional home stager is a necessity to sellers who want their property sold as soon as possible. You are guaranteed of a professional and efficient service to make your home pleasant and desirable to buyers.

The cost of staging may vary according to the state of your home. Some houses are occupied while some are vacant. Occupied homes usually have lesser costs because home stagers can work on the existing furniture in the house. They just need to de-clutter, rearrange, repaint, or reorganize your things. Home staging in occupied homes can be finished in a short period of time. Vacant staging, on the other hand, means working on an empty space. In this case, stagers are going to rent furniture and appliances to create an image of a pleasant home. This process will take some time in making a space work to highlight its features.

Most of us will be overwhelmed with the cost, but in this case, what sellers think of is finding a way to make it more practical.

Other sellers with occupied homes choose to stage only the important parts of the house where buyers usually give focus on, to save money. These major parts of the house are the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. In minor places like the bathroom and the other bedrooms, you may just secure thorough cleaning.

There are also sellers who opted only for consultation. They only pay for the plans and suggestions of the pros and execute the staging themselves. This cost-effective way is not applicable to those with vacant homes. It is still best to hire the home stager through the entire process. They can help you find cheaper and quality materials.

Whatever the case, staged homes usually sell 88% faster than non-staged homes and can increase its value by 20%. This is the reason why there is a hype in the home staging industry and more people are doing it.

Since buyers view the houses for sale online, they only look for attractive photos of houses. These houses which garner a lot of attention online get the most number of buyers. There is a high chance that these properties underwent home staging.

Before worrying about the cost, why not focus first on the benefits that this may bring you. By the time you decided to list your property, you will encounter the stress of selling your house. In this case, you must find time thinking about the good things that this process can give you.

Becoming aware of these benefits can give you more reason to hire home stagers. Carefully analyze how these benefits will affect you as a seller. Remember that your goal is to sell your house faster with a higher value. In this case, doing home staging and hiring professional home stagers is the most practical choice.