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Outdoor Home Staging: Should I consider it?

Your exterior is literally the first thing that buyers will notice. Outdoor home staging is one of the best options especially for sellers who are on a tight budget. If your exterior isn’t attractive enough, you can’t lure buyers inside the house.

A study showed that well-landscaped homes are valued 11% above the asking price [1] this is why outdoor space is also as important as the indoor. Special activities and events hosted by the family happen outside of a lovely house, such as dinner parties, Easter-egg hunts for children, or chill hangout with friends outdoors during summer.

Your patios, yards, and porches are extensions of your dining room and living room, where you can also relax and feel comfortable. This is why you should make sure that it stays clean, relaxing, safe, and can adapt to the changing weather and seasons.

Here are some tips to make your outdoor space work so buyers can linger enough to convince themselves in buying your property.

  1. You can start by mowing the lawn and trimming plants that may block windows. Tidying up your outdoor space is one important key to start staging it. Make sure the driveway is also free from some noticeable cracks.
  2. If you only have a small balcony, put some chairs and a table and arrange them in such a way that they can imagine themselves savoring the sunny weather while eating brunch.
  3. If you have a much bigger space like a yard, porch, or a patio, put some outdoor furniture such as a sofa, coffee table, side table, small pots of plants, and outdoor rugs. As what I have mentioned, it should look like an extension of your living room and dining room. Your stager will place the furniture neatly, in strategic places, without making it look too crowded.
  4. Humid seasons tend to break your wooden furniture, so you might have to invest with a good water sealant. In winter seasons, put some artificial plants to put some life and color.
  5. Consult your stager if you have a bothering view outside. He/she might put some plants, and decorations to hang to minimize the distracting view.
  6. During the house tour, your realtor will most likely suggest keeping away your pets. This is to avoid possible allergic reactions to fur and to minimize distractions.

Boost the curb appeal of your house by staging your outdoor space. According to another study, “75 percent of homebuyers log on to the Internet to check out Multiple Listing Services.” [1] In this case, you must make sure your exterior is attractive in videos and photos, so buyers can be convinced to visit your property.

Outdoor staging does not necessarily need a lot of money to make a huge overhaul happen. If you don’t have the kind of money that you see in tv shows, a wise landscape management can help you. Of course, organizing the exterior, and the landscape, paired with cleaning, which is always the rule of thumb, can create pleasant surroundings. Adding these up will surely improve curb appeal and attract buyers.


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