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Should I always stage my home when I’m selling?

Yes, you should always stage your home when selling you are going to sell it. The key to selling a house is good home staging, which means making our home as pleasant as possible to sell it.

We are sometimes guilty of buying things that we don’t even need. This is because sometimes, it takes good packaging to catch our eyes. The thing is, whether you buy a product or not, the seller had already won your attention. This smart manipulation of colors, spaces, and things can either attract or distract.

To understand the importance of home staging, we must remember that our first goal in selling a house is to attract customers. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), “77% of the buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home”. This makes it even more reasonable to allow time and effort in making your home a little more pleasant in the eyes. It cultivates the ‘curb appeal’, which refers to a property’s aesthetically pleasing appearance by looking from the outside. In this way, it can build curiosity in the minds of the buyers to take a good look inside your home.

Many people think home staging is a complicated and expensive process. One must go through all the necessary renovations, repainting, rearranging, and decluttering. But what they tend to overlook is the outcome of these efforts. A staged home may increase its value by 1-20% according to 58% of the sellers’ agents from the NAR’s 2017 study].

Home staging does not mean a major home overhaul. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to focus on the most important rooms to stage— the kitchen, living room, and the master bedroom. These rooms were the top three picks of both the sellers’ and the buyers’ agents.

Before making your home look pretty, making it clean and organized is one great step to put your house thriving and appealing in the marketplace. Get rid of all the old furniture or find a place where you can store them temporarily. As soon as you have decided on the parts of your home that need staging, you might want to ponder on this tip to avoid overdoing things:

Hire a professional home stager

There is a high chance already have an emotional attachment to your home. You have come to love and tolerate its imperfections which blinds you from the essential actions needed to be done in your house. This affects your decisions as you go through the home staging process.

It is also possible that your taste can be a little ‘off’ for some potential buyers. Hiring a professional home stager is the most practical way to save you from all the efforts and the money. He/ She can give you fresh perspectives in organizing and styling that you may find helpful.

Once you have decided to hire a home stager, you can now be sure that your home is going to be sold faster than those un-staged home in the marketplace.

Meanwhile, here are some things to keep in mind while you are in the home staging process:

Feeling at first step

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What would they feel the first time they step into your home? You must keep in mind that these buyers are finding a home to keep them warm in every good and bad situation. Make them imagine what would their lives be if they buy your house.

Keep things warm and neutral

We don’t know the taste of every buyer. To make it safe, choose warm and welcoming colors like beige, brown, hues of red and yellow. You make check some of the ideal swatches here. Warm neutral colors are good choices to style your home with because it goes on almost every furniture without making the appearance too overpowering for the eyes.

Be minimalist

A minimalist perspective can help in making your space bigger, light, well-lit, and airy. It will create an illusion that the place is bigger and spacious. This is also helpful, especially when taking a nice photograph of parts of the house for your ad. In this way, buyers looking at pictures of your home will be curious on how the actual house looks like.

Make it clean, simple, and impersonalized

Hide all your stuff— dirty laundry, family photos, and everything personal that might distract buyers. Once you put your house in the marketplace, it shouldn’t look like it is STILL yours. Find a place where you can store them.

Home staging takes effort and wise decisions; therefore, it is smart to hire a professional to do it for you. As you go through the transformation, remember the first time that you saw your house and what it made you feel. Hold on to that feeling as an inspiration to make the best out of your home.