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Should I repaint my home before listing it?

Repainting is part of the home staging process. Buyers always have weaknesses for houses with warm, neutral, and welcoming colors playing in the background of well-positioned furniture. It helps highlight the best feature of your house and creates an illusion of a bigger space. If your stager asks you to change the colors of the walls, inside and out, you might want to include allotting budget on paint as one of your priorities.

Colors have an impact on a buyer’s decision. This was proved in a study where 93% of the buyers look at the visual appearance of a product [1]. And what do we see in the appearance? Yes, colors.

I also speak for so many people out there when I say that I commonly attribute colors to emotions and memories in my mind.

We can all attest to the wonders that colors bring to our lives, especially for sellers, and here are some reasons why:

Your property is judged in 90 seconds just by its color.

It only takes less than 2 minutes for buyers to create a sub-conscious judgment at first glance. It was also found out that 62%-90% of the time, buyers base their judgments on colors alone [1]. Of course, it is absurd to buy a product just because you liked its trendy dusty rose color. However, the statistics say how important it is to choose the right color because it can help build the curb appeal of your house. For example, women buy dresses with colors that complement their skin tones, and styles that can highlight the best feature of their body.

Colors can create “warmth”

Emotions can be influenced by colors. We feel gloomy for dark colors and cheerful for bright and light colors. To avoid sending mixed up emotions to buyers, home stagers prefer and recommend colors with warm and neutral tone. These colors will work well with other furniture of the house, and will not be too bright nor too dull for the eyes. It will make the buyers feel more comfortable when they are welcomed by colors that calm their sight.

Colors can create illusions

Colors can trick our eyes. Do you remember how a picture of “the dress” [2] made us look twice because you cannot clearly figure out if it is black, blue, or gold? In home staging, colors are used to make a room look spacious, make the ceilings a little higher, and make the bathroom and the kitchen look spotless and clean. If you have troubles because a certain room is a little too crowded and tight, lose some furniture and pair it with the best color.

If you enjoy deceiving your eyes with colors, click here and be fascinated even more. It will make you realize that colors can really affect people, especially buyers.

Think twice about the colors of your house. If your stager recommends a repaint of your interior, trust him/her because as we all have learned, colors do make a difference.