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Should you stage your home even if the market is hot?

First of all, a hot market is when buyers tend to be really competitive with each other especially when buyers outnumber the sellers or the houses for sale. This is your chance to garner multiple bids from different buyers, and eventually make a profit out of it. Also, a hot market does not guarantee you of a good selling price.


You should understand that staging is the best option for listing your property. Staging is all the more important when there are fewer to a medium number of buyers in the market. Actually, whether it is a hot, cold, or normal market, staging is always recommended. During a hot market, a lot of buyers are engaged in bidding wars over the attractive houses. You see, it is not just about being attractive, houses that gain a lot of buyers look more inhabitable, warm, and pleasant.


You might think that it is okay not to stage your house especially when there are many buyers, however, there’s a chance that your competitors are thinking the same thing. So, how are you going to outsmart them and get a higher bid?


During a hot market, not everyone will think of staging their houses because it can be sold either way. Do you really want to blow your chance of getting bidding wars? Not all buyers will buy a cheap unstaged house. They will buy the most pleasant home and fight for it until they get it.


Buyers nowadays rely mostly on the internet in searching for a house that they would like to buy. They will create a list of the houses that they think are appropriate for their needs and cross out those that look uninhabitable. This means they already have prospective houses that they would want to visit. If your house does not make it on their list, you cannot guarantee that you will sell your unstaged home faster, even when the market is hot.


If you decided to hire a professional stager, they know how to make your property look pleasant, and increase its curb appeal, enough to compete with other homes. Do not be afraid of spending money in staging because the money will return with a profit.


It is also not a problem if you have a tight budget. You can pick the rooms that are important to buyers when choosing a house and focus the staging there. These rooms are usually the kitchen, living room, and the master bedroom. Don’t forget the exterior because the curb appeal starts there. You also have an option to pay for consultation only if hiring a stager in the whole process is too much for you.


The important thing is, you should know that you are not wasting money on home staging. You just have to make sure to hire a credible and skilled people to do the job for you. Think of this as one of the best investment you are ever going to make in your life.