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The Benefits of Home Staging

Selling a property can be a real challenge especially if it’s your first time. Problems may occur through the process like a sudden change of plans, longer-than-expected renovations, money, etc. But before overthinking about these problems, the one thing that you must first do is ask yourself, “Am I ready?” or “Is my house ready?”

We often hear about home staging and the wonder that it can bring to your house. But what exactly does it give? Can it really boost my house’s curb appeal? Below are some of the benefits we can get from home staging. Let’s educate us, shall we?

Increase home value

Let’s look at the latest study of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) where they both tallied the perspectives of the sellers’ and buyers’ agents. According to them:

  • A home’s value increases by 6-20% as perceived by the sellers’ agents;
  • Meanwhile, a home’s value increases by 1-20% as perceived by the buyers’ agents.

These numbers came from the 2017 Profile of Home Staging Report by NAR. What I get from these statistics is, home staging is becoming even more relevant in the marketplace than most us know.

Sell the house faster

About 62% of agents believe that home staging decreases the time that it takes to sell a house. Therefore, most of the sellers’ agents, or about 93% of them, recommend home staging before putting it on the market.

Immediately builds rapport with the buyers

Buyers will consider buying a home that they can relate to. This is because a staged home may help customers in imagining a new life in their new home, without the traces of the previous homeowners that may distract them. It helps them create an image of their ideal home by looking at a de-cluttered, well-lit and staged space.

Instagram-ready home

We all know how staple social media is in this age. Everybody loves taking photos of, and with, aesthetically pleasing backgrounds. You can impress them by providing an ‘instagramable’ appearance.

Makes you appreciate the creative process of home staging

Once the transformation of your home is done, you will learn to appreciate the art of home staging. You will notice how the colors, shapes, and positions of furniture work as a team to create a beautiful masterpiece. It is even more beneficial to sellers who love to involve themselves in home staging because they can see its step by step process. You can learn from professional home stagers and keep some tips that you can use in your new home.

So how am I going to achieve these benefits?

Hire a professional home stager before listing your property. They can transform your home into a house that sells itself without having to be 100% involved in the staging process.

They know how to put emphasis on the best feature of your house, and use the best materials for it. Their connections to other services like carpenters, cleaners, painters, etc. can give you discounts in purchasing items.

Home stagers also have an in-depth understanding of interior designs. They have the eyes to upgrade an empty or an occupied house by modifying it according to the interests of the buyer.

They are also updated with the new trends and practices in home staging so your property can keep up with the competition in the marketplace. In this way, they can help you with increasing and justifying the value of your home.

Sellers who had undergone home staging can add more to the list. But we must understand that the truth is this: The more you make your house pleasing, the more chances to sell it. This is a job for professional home stagers. They are here to save you from a lot of stress and hassle that selling a property might bring.