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What Are 5 Key Areas Of The Home Best For Staging?

Putting a house on the market these days is no walk in the park. A homeowner must deal with the erratic market demands and stiff competition just to sell his house.  If you’re one homeowner who wants to attract more buyers, consider home staging to your advantage. If you’re on a budget or just swinging through the styling the DIY-way, focus on these 5 key areas of the home best for staging:



Your kitchen must appeal to all types of potential buyers.  If you think you need to update the look of your cabinetry and add more storage, consider that an investment with bigger returns in the future. Storage space in the kitchen is very important. Updated appliances also provide convenience to the new owners. Make sure that your kitchen also offers enough counter space for cooking without sacrificing too much of the working area. If the kitchen feels cramped, consider organizing the items on the counter or create an illusion of a unified space by building a custom case for the refrigerator, tying the look to the existing cabinetry. Update the kitchen backsplash if they’re too worn or if you want to add a charming accent to the room. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is enough to freshen up those worn-out-looking cabinets too.


Now to accentuate the staging styles of the home, we need to highlight the floors as well. The floors make for a good backdrop in home staging. If the house has beautiful hardwood floors, showcase that during styling. Otherwise, you can use large area rugs to draw attention away from worn carpeting or bad flooring. Remember that buyers love wood flooring.  Even worn or slightly damaged wood flooring is more appealing that dated carpeting, so don’t be reluctant to throw away those dusty carpets.



The simplest, most budget-friendly tip for revamping a bathroom is simply to clean it. Remove your personal items and organize the toiletries. Avoid overcrowding the counter with your shavers, shampoos or skin care products because buyers will not be able to envision themselves in the space properly if they feel like they are intruding in your space. If needed, replace the fixtures and add storage places to give it a more updated look. Style it with new towels, shower curtains and mats for some character.


If you need to repaint the walls of the other rooms of the house, choose traditional wall colors. These classic colors (like Georgian green, Palladian blue, Pearl gray and Ivory) are all known to go well with the aesthetic palette of various types of clientele, enhancing your chances of a good sale.


An important area of the home best for styling is the living room. You want it to look and feel bright and updated. A simple way to achieve this is to simply change the window treatments. Heavy drapes can keep the light out and it can make the room look older. Replace them with window treatments that let light in and make the room feel bigger and brighter. They also highlight and showcase the design of the windows unlike the heavy drapes which only mask this important part of the room.  Ask the buyers to draw back the curtains during the day so they can take a glimpse of the outdoor view too.

As an added tip, for all the other areas of the home that need a touch of styling, a simple update on the fixtures and hardware can go a long way. Get rid of the outdated brass doorknobs and replace them with brushed nickel knobs. People also prefer chrome or stainless steel fixtures nowadays. Sellers should also update their lighting fixtures to make the home look more fresh and beautiful to potential buyers.