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What are things to consider when hiring a home stager?

There’s more to selling a house than just placing a “for sale” sign in the front yard. If you’re one homeowner who’s planning on putting your house on the market, you must have figured out how challenging it can be to make your property “appealing” enough for future buyers. But there’s no time to lose hope. Home staging may hold the key to this problem.

Home staging is the process of setting the “stage” to market your room in its best light. A home stager can help you determine which parts of the house are assets and which ones you need to minimize. The goal is to create a set-up that is enticing enough for buyers to picture themselves living in the space. It can be quite intimidating to stage a house on your own so here are a few things to consider when hiring a home stager:


  1. Home stagers are not realtors

It is important to understand the responsibilities of home stagers and not confuse them with realtors. Home stagers only “market” your home by appealing to the buyer’s senses, especially visually. A realtor considers the legal aspects and helps you throughout the buying and selling experience.

  1. Value referrals

Seek the advice of your friends of neighbors who have hired a home stager in the past. Ask about their experience so you will know what to expect about home staging. Also, ask for any recommendations on a certain home stager, to save you time and energy from aimlessly searching for a professional near you.

  1. Important questions to ask your home stager

During initial client meeting, the home stager will assess your home and give you feedback on their observation and on what needs to be done to improve the place. During this consultation, ask the stager important questions like: “Will you use our existing furniture or will you bring in new furniture or décor?”, “Will you charge per room or by level of detail?”, and “Which homes have you staged in the past?”


  1. Ask how you can help to bring the price down

It’s always healthy to have a conversation on how to negotiate the price down. Ask the home stager if you can help bring down his asking price a little by volunteering to help with the work. Maybe you can do carpentry or paint walls? Or simply de-clutter and organize your stuff away before he visits to cut the work load a little.


  1. Ask for a timeline

It always helps if expectations are set before the actual work commences. Ask your stager if they can outline steps through the duration of the project so everybody can have a clear picture on which part of work will happen when and the length of time it will take to finish the entire thing.


  1. Dont forget the curb!

Ask your stager for advice on how to enhance your curb appeal. A good home stager will also be concerned in marketing the exterior of your home. Ask them for their strategies on your yard, walkways, entryways and the overall exterior of the house too!


  1. If the house is vacant, it will cost more money

If you have a vacant house, talk to the stager about the costs for furniture and if you need to rent or if they have their own inventory. If you’re on a really tight budget, consider only staging key areas like the master bedroom, dining and family areas.


Time is a big factor when selling a home. Nobody wants delay when selling their house. We all want to sell a home as quickly as possible. Home staging guarantees to put a bigger edge on your home against all the other houses in the market. A well-staged house has been statistically proven to sell quicker and for a higher price point than its competition as well. Follow the above tips when hiring your professional home stager and watch offers come your way in no time!