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What can I expect from hiring a home staging company?

A home staging company is the best place to find credible and professional home stagers. They can help you find a stager that best suits your needs. To start with, they will ask you questions about the type of your house to be staged, the number of rooms you intend to stage, and your location. They will give you a list of reliable pros that are compatible with your qualifications so you can decide who to hire.

Expect an easier contact with the best home stagers. These people have been chosen by the home staging company for a reason. And that reason is that they have been well-trained; and have deep understandings and knowledge about interior designing.

You may perform some background checks and recommendations from other realtors and sellers whom your prospective stagers had worked with in the past. Be vigilant in choosing a home stager to avoid losing money just because you hired an inefficient one. It is best to find a home stager in a home staging company because they will only recommend the competent ones. This is so you can be sure that you will hire a legit and professional stager.

You can also check for their portfolio and assess whether the quality of their work and their taste meet your expectations. By being familiar with their work, you can communicate well with the stager.

Once your home staging company gave you some potential stagers, here some tips to figure out who to hire:

  1. Can I feel comfortable working with this person?

It is easier to maximize your communication with your stager if you find him/her approachable and easier to work with. You may also ask for their availability if he/she can be easy to reach.

  1. Does she/he have any referrals?

If you are still skeptical about home staging, hire someone who has established his/her career in the industry so you can be sure that his expertise can really help you. You can also be sure that your money won’t go to waste.

  1. Can he/she explain well how much she will charge?

If the stager keeps on beating around the bush when asked about his/her fee, drop that person. You want a professional and straight to the point answers so you can be enlightened with the whole process.

Aside from the expectations that you seek in a home staging company and the home stager that you will hire, you are also expected to be “in-the-know”. Listen carefully and pay attention to the plans that your home stager will present to you. Take note of all the changes and list of tips that you can get from him/her. Sure, you are not expected to be a hundred percent involved during the process, but it is better to be vigilant in every change that may occur. After all, home staging is considered an investment. Do not over think about the money that it will cost you, rather think about the effects that home staging can give you in the long run.