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What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of making your home pleasant and presentable before listing your property in the marketplace. It is advisable that your home must undergo home staging because it can help you decrease the amount of time needed to sell it. This process involves a professional home stager, who performs the whole designing, styling, and organizing. The length and cost of staging depends on the size, layout, and number of rooms to be staged.

Some people view home staging as a new trend, but you may be surprised that this concept actually started in the 1970’s. Barb Schwarz is the creator of home staging in the Real Estate Industry. Her creativity and artistic background led her to create a concept that can address the need for property sellers in decreasing the longevity of selling their homes in the marketplace. She has influenced a lot of realtors by teaching them the concept of home staging. Today, her invention has been well-known among realtors, and is used in the industry.

Home staging starts in your own initiative by tidying up your home. With the help of a professional home stager, you will see great improvements in the appearance of the parts of your house that need staging. You can be reassured that every decisions and configurations made in your home is inspired by fresh and well-thought-of professional perspectives.

To get a reliable home stager, your Real Estate Agents can recommend Accredited Staging Professionals or you may perform your own in-depth research in the internet to find one. Once you find one that you trust, the stager will analyze your property. He/ She will show you the plans for the staging depending on the state of your home.

During home staging the stager may provide you with materials and furniture on-hand so you may save time and money finding temporary replacements of your stuff. Of course, this depends on the living situation that you have. If you decide to stay while your property is for sale, the stager can work with the existing furniture that you have. Otherwise, he/she may supply several things needed for the staging. These are the two types of staging which we’ll discuss in next blog posts. You will learn the difference between occupied and vacant staging.

You should replace outdated furniture and appliances especially if you have multimillion-dollar property. This is because it may affect the value of the house. Otherwise, those in good condition will stay. It is also suggested to find an extra storage space to keep your personal things in one place. It is best to store your stuff away from the house to avoid distracting buyers.

Describing home staging as a mere process of rearranging and cleaning, is an underestimation of its wonders. It takes a good eye, an appreciation of craft, and careful handling of a canvas of a house to highlight its best features. There may be times when changes in a house can be subtle, but even the slightest change can affect the perspectives of the buyers.