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What type of homes typically get home staging?

To obtain an objective and honest opinion, gather some friends and ask what they think of the house. It is possible to get sensible answers from friends to help you assess its condition and if it can compete once you put it on the list. If they recommend to let your house undergo staging, do it. Find a credible home stager and hire him/her.

It is practical to undergo home staging before listing your property to avoid making mistakes and losing customers in the end. If you are still not convinced, categorize your home among the following homes which need staging.

1. A house with old furnishings
Observe the condition of all your furniture, appliances and decor. Outdated and worn-out stuff has to be removed when selling your house. Its quality can compromise the look of the space that you are going for. Buyers would not want to see objects that may drive them away just because you did not give them a pleasant image that they want to see. You need a stager to provide you with new things and decorations that can balance and brighten up space.

2. A house without balance
The paint might be too bright, it does not go with the carpet, the couch, and basically with other elements of the house. The theme of the living room is not consistent with other parts of the house it feels like you are living on Sesame Street. The walls are covered with photos of every important family gatherings and events ever since your grandmother’s prom.

Try toning it down by choosing warm and neutral colors. Still, don’t know how to mix and match colors? Hire or consult with a home stager. They know how to balance every element of a space to create a theme that buyers will like.

3. A cluttered and dirty house
It is an obvious reason why you should make sure that your house is neat and clean. But it does not stop with getting rid of all the dust and trash. It is also important to get rid of unnecessary things. Too much stuff can make space look small. Stagers will typically recommend getting rid of a lot of stuff especially your personal belongings. If you are not sure what furniture should stay and go, ask your stager.

Do not dwell on your feelings with your old and pre-loved furniture. You can always store them in another place. Remember that this process involves ‘depersonalizing’ the house. Stagers will make it look like a house that everybody will like.

If you identify your house with at least two of these three, you shall leave all the work to the stager. Otherwise, you are committing the biggest mistake you will ever make while in the midst of selling your property. Ensure that you won’t lose a customer by hiring professionals. Avoid wasting your money and effort just because you thought you could do this alone. After all, it is better to be sure than sorry.