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What types of home staging is there?

There are two types of homes staging—occupied and vacant. Occupied staging is a process where the professional home stager works on a house with inhabitants. This means there are also furniture, appliances, personal belongings, and stuff that needs to be de-cluttered in the house. Vacant home staging, on the other hand, is an empty house. The challenge for home stagers, in this case, is to fill an empty house with furniture, décor, and things that can make a place look like a comfortable place to stay in.

An occupied staging will most likely cost cheaper than vacant staging. Sometimes home stagers and sellers choose to stage only the important parts of the house where buyers usually give focus on. Sellers do this either to save money or to meet the tight budget. These rooms are the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom which are the most important. This is because they are the top three picks of both the sellers’ and the buyers’ agents. Buyers usually look for a spacious, well-lit, and airy place, especially in these rooms. You may also add a little more effort in the bathrooms of the house because some people like to see it squeaky clean and organized. You may use this as a strategy to save money by targeting these top three picks.

Also, don’t forget that occupied staging, in most cases, will need you to provide a temporary storage space for old furniture or dysfunctional appliances. This also includes hiding your personal belongings like family photos, albums, letters, etc. It best to keep these away from the house to prevent any distractions that these may cause. It is also said that old furniture can lower the value of a house so home stagers recommend removing them.

Vacant home staging requires rented furniture, appliances, and stuff. Unlike occupied staging, you won’t need to worry about moving out unnecessary furniture and finding a storage room for them. This process, however, can be a little costlier. Your stager may know a company or a store which could rent you the whole bedroom set, living room set, and dining room set until you sell the house. Minor parts of the house like the bathroom need to be clean. Put toiletries with warm and welcoming colors. This can be also applied to the kitchen where you can decorate it with oven mittens, mason jars, little bottles of condiments, and everything that might add to the imagery of a pleasant home. You can get tips on budget kitchen ideas here.

Both occupied and vacant staging start with thorough planning and consultation with your professional home stager. Listen to the details of the plan so you know every configurations and change that may occur in your property. Know that every step in the process is all about making a pleasant home both in pictures and in real life to sell it faster, and in a higher value. In this way, you can attract buyers online, and impress them even more once they come to see for themselves.