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When should I stage my home?

As soon as you have decided to let go of your house, home staging should be your priority. You must undergo home staging before listing your house for sale. This is a crucial step especially if you are looking for a more practical way to save money. Selling your property alone can bring a lot of stress and effort, so it is best to take the safest and surest road to selling it faster at a good price.

Home staging started way back in the 1970s by Barb Schwarz. She introduced the concept of home staging in the real estate industry when she realized the need in making a home as pleasant as possible to buyers so it can be sold faster than expected. Since then, home staging has become a trend and is garnering positive feedbacks from sellers who did it in their house. It has become well-known that its relevance is becoming, even more, stronger in the next years to come. This is because our digital age uses the online viewing of photos online. The more attractive the house is in photographs, the more buyers it will attract.

A professional home stager can give you exactly what the buyers seek in a home. They can make buyers imagine the life they will have if they buy your house without being too overpowering. They will erase traces of you and your family in the house and create a neutral and welcoming theme for the house that buyers will most certainly like.

Hiring a home stager can help you go through this process. It is best to consult a professional especially if you think your house takes a lot of effort to stage. It is also practical to save you from wasting effort and money in doing it on your own and end up having a bad outcome. Since the concept of home staging is to make a home pleasant and presentable, it can attract more buyers than those un-staged homes. In this way, you can decrease the time it will take to sell your home.

There is also a difference if your home is vacant or occupied. Your home stager will know everything needed to do in these two different situations. You are going to have to trust the stager to make the process faster. You also need to consider that staging may only take a day or two, or for a while because it depends on the structure and situation of your home.

The best time to stage your home is always before listing your house for sale. In this way, you are putting your best foot forward as soon as they reach the marketplace. It guarantees that you will not lose any costumer just because your house did not look as attractive enough to get their attention on the first time they see your ad. You see, you cannot take back the buyers you lost on your first try. So let’s avoid making the mistakes of other sellers that did not consider doing home staging.