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Where are the most common rooms for home staging?

Making a strategy on how to stage a home also comes with picking the right rooms to stage. These rooms are usually the ones that are given emphasis by the buyers as soon as they step into a house.

  1. Living Room

Nobody wants a gloomy and clogged living room. Some living rooms contain a huge couch taking up all the space, bright curtains, a mini side table filled with family pictures, and too much stuff which can be overpowering when mixed together. What buyers want is a clean and airy space where people can comfortably stay or a place where house guests can feel-at-home as they speak. You might want to replace that huge couch and store them away.

Warm, neutral colors always win the eyes. It can brighten up your living room together with lesser stuff which compliments the background. Stagers recommend placing the sofa either parallel or perpendicular to a focal point which can be a fireplace or a large window.

The living room is important to be staged because it is the place where guests and most of the family gatherings happen. If buyers can relate with a cheerful and pleasant vibe that your living room showcases, you have their attention all the way through the whole house tour.

  1. Kitchen

A spacious kitchen is an ideal candidate for most of the buyers. Most of them are going to start their lives as a family, where the wife or the husband will cook delicious meals for the family, or both parents can bake their first birthday cake for their son’s or daughters. Just make sure to declutter and remove all those sticky notes and magnets attached on your fridge’s door. You can add some flowers, and then make sure to clean the kitchen counter and the sink.

  1. Master Bedroom

The master bedroom will represent all the other private rooms in the house. Remove all unnecessary things and retain bed, closet, side table, mirrors, and probably a cozy chair. Do not clog your closet with too many clothes and personal stuff like pictures and posters. Hide them somewhere else.

  1. Dining Room

Just like any other rooms the dining area needs some serious decluttering to make it look spacious. It must also look well-lit.

  1. Bathroom

The bathroom is just as important as any rooms mentioned earlier. A bathroom must be as neat and clean as the kitchen. Scrub the tiles and check for any leaks. Make sure the mirrors are clear and free from water stains. And as much as possible, get rid of all the disgusting hairs stuck in the shower drain.

These rooms garner attention every time buyers roam around the house. However, we must not forget the exterior of the house. You cannot invite if it weren’t because of a welcoming exterior. The curb appeal starts in here. If the buyers perceive that your house looks uninhabitable just because your front yard is a jungle, you cannot make them step inside your house. Create a welcoming vibe by making sure the outside of the house is also cleared and neat.